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How to get back your RSS button in Safari 6

Safari 6 is bunddled with Mountain Lion, the new version of the Mac OS X operating system now available since July 25, 2012.

Although the new version 6 of Safari is highly recommended because it brings a lot of exciting new features such as being able to run a search from the address bar, the icloud tabs or a new sharing menu, one of the options that power users are asking back for is the RSS feed subscription button that was in the toolbar. This option has been removed by Apple.

In this article i will show you how to add back your own RSS button right after the jump

Published: Saturday, 28 July 2012 21:11
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Although Apple has removed the RSS button in Safari, an extension developer had the good idea to fill in the void left by Apple. Via an extension for Safari which can be install within less than a minute you can get back your RSS subcription button.

To get this extension go straight to web site “RedSweater” here.

RSS button in Safari 6

Once the extension is installed and the button added to Safari’s toolbar, when visiting a website that offers RSS feeds, by clicking the button, the list of RSS feeds available in that web site will open in your default RSS reader. If you do not have a dedicated RSS reader like NetNewsWire or Google Reader, feeds will open in the RSS reader of the Mail app (only in Mac OS X).

This small extension seems to have found its audience. The fact that Apple have removed some useful functions in Safari may have spread some confusions or deception among users. In any case, this small extension is very welcome. Why not to test it by subscribing to the RSS feed of ?

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