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Samsung is about to unveil a TV based on Micro LED at CES 2018

Samsung is about to unveil a TV based on Micro LED technology at the next Consumer Electronic Show (CES) next year.

Published: Sunday, 26 November 2017 13:31
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The Micro LED is considered as a new generation display technology. With this new range, Samsung plans to increase its technological competitiveness while targeting the high-end television market.

The top high-end TVs equipped with this technology would be in the 150-inch. The commercialization of these micro led TVs will begin next year just after the official presentation that Samsung will make at CES 2018 in Las Vegas. This is the same technology used in High Resolution Cinema 4K LED TVs but on a smaller scale. Samsung is mainly targeting the home theater market.

According to our Korean sources, Apple is reportedly working with TSMC's (chip maker) to develop a display device based on Micro LEDs. Manufacturing the Micro LED seems complex because the technology requires that each LED is less than 100 micrometers, since each LED represents a pixel. The advantage is that Micro LED consumes less power and there are fewer problems compared to OLED. The plastic substrate used for the micro LED can also be used for a flexible display device.

The arrival of this technology on smartphones will not happen right away, because on this type of device, each led must be even smaller. As usual, Samsung has not commented on the subject to the media, but apparently South Korea firm has already acquired a company specialized in the matter named YESCO in 2015. For its flagship models, Samsung recently launched LCD TV models using quantum dot filters, more commonly known as QLED since 2015.

The rivals are not left behind because Sony had made the demo in 2012 of a Micro LED TV and showed the public several prototype. However to today no one has yet seen any official marketing.

There is no doubt that the CES to be held in Las Vega next year will be full of surprises.

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