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iRing : the next Apple iTV may be controlled by a simple ring at your finger ?

Rumors about the next HDTV created by Apple are more persistent. And here's one that really contrast with what we have already heard.

Published: Friday, 05 April 2013 14:01
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According to research done by analyst Brian White from Topeka Capital Markets, the HDTV that Appe is preparing to launch towards the end of 2013 will revolutionate how television is used in general. And with a simple accessory ?

According to his findings, the analyst describes that Apple is creating a new concept that we have never seen before called the "iRing". An accessory that the user would directly wear on his hand and use it as a "pointing device" (eg as a mouse).

Navigation within the television menys would be more than easy and replace the traditional remote control. The movements of the hand (or body) of the user and implicitly of the accessory in the space will be detected by the TV.

iRing, mini iTV, Apple iTV

Concept of the "iRing" by anko Design.

The analyst continues his revelations indicating that in addition of the iRing, Apple iTV would be accompanied by a "mini iTV" which would be a touch pad with the shape of the iPad and with a 9.7 inches screen allowing the user to view content anywhere in the home: from the kitchen, garden, etc ...

The "mini iTV" would act as a secondary screen to the iTV but not only that. Additional functions will be implemented to it such as house automation (opening / closing, locking shutters, gates, doors, windows, etc ...) and also functions as we already know such as video conferencing, phone calls and more.

iRing, mini iTV, Apple iTV
Do not get excite too quickly because still according to the analyst notes, the "mini iTV" is mainly dedicated to displaying the contents of the Apple iTV and this, in an area not exceeding 200 meters, which is enough to include watching / listening to media content from the iTV from your kitchen, bathroom, garage, bedroom and even from your garden.

As did Nintendo with its Wii U along with a touch-screen controller, Apple would offer a "mini iTV" by iTV. Each additional "mini iTVmust be purchased. To this end Apple could very well offer set of packages from 2 to 4 mini iTV for instance. In terms of features, it's clear that the "mini iTV" will have limited functionality. And obviously it will not replace a normal tablet.

In terms of price, for the iTV and its accessories, we expect a price between $1500 to $2500. Everything will depend on the number of "mini iTV" that is associated and the iTV screen size which could be between 50 and 60 inches.

Stay tuned.

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