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Microsoft could unveil two new versions of the XBOX next May 21th

The new generation of the XBOX could be expensive if you want to purchase it. And it may requery you to be constantly connected to the internet.

Published: Tuesday, 09 April 2013 14:10
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It is during a special conference which will visibly took place on next May 21th that Microsoft may unveiled the future Xbox, according to information from The Verge. The announcement of the new Xbox was originally scheduled for April 24, but Microsoft decided to postpone it to the month of June, according to the first rumors on the subject.

Today we learn that the console would be introduced by Microsoft in June during E3 2013 in Los Angeles. The selling may begin by year-end, as for the PS4, in time for the festive season and this in two versions.

According to information from blogger Paul Thurrott, "Durango", the code name for Microsoft's new Xbox, would cost at least $500 (arround. € 600) for the standard version or $300 for the model under subscription. Regarding the latter model, it would likely be a connected to the web version on which games are only playable though streaming via Xbox Live Arcade. Thurrot did not give accurate information on the subject, but one thing is certain is that this web version of the console "needs to be connected to the Internet to be used."

It may be that Microsoft has different versions of its next-generation console to offer: a normal version and a web one, but what about the current Xbox 360 version?

Apparently it will be updated (it is not known if it will be at hardware or software level) and will be sold for $ 99 (between € 99 and € 150). If Microsoft keeps this project to reduce the price of Xbox 360, it probably means that like the PS3 games not compatible with the new PS4, the new Xbox will not either run games made ​​for the original Xbox 360 and to be able to play them you will have to for for games streaming via the Xbox Live Arcade.

About the launch date of the new Xbox, it is said that selling will start by November 2013, which meets what we heard as "to the end of the year". Obviously all this information is to be taken as conditional as Apple, Microsoft does not comment on speculation and rumors.

Stay tuned.

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