AMD will provide the CPU for the next Microsoft XBox

According to sources close to Microsoft, Steve Balmer firm has signed a contract with the manufacturer AMD to deliver the cpu for the next version of the Xbox.

Published: Tuesday, 09 April 2013 16:40

As noted earlier today, the new Xbox will be unveiled next month. The new console is equipped with a solution SoC (System-on-a-Chip) which is based on the new AMD Jaguar processor and a graphics processor whose power will be doubled compared to the one which is in the current Xbox 360, according to information from Bloomberg.

The new AMD processor chip is created on a x86 architecture which will greatly facilitate the work of developers who want to create games for both the console and bring their creations on PC and mobile devices. Especially since the development costs will also be cut down because the architecture of the new Xbox will be something that developers already mastered.

In short, Microsoft and Sony adopt the same strategy: to increase their developers bases by adopting a acrhitecture known to the community. With the announcement of the new PS4, Sony also announced last month that the new generation of his favorite console will adopt the x86 architecture known from the PC world. And for the cherry on the cake, the PS4 will also be boosted by a processor from AMD.

The fact that AMD makes a partnership with Microsoft is somehow not a surprise. This is confirmation of what we have heard in recent months about the fact that the Mountain View company certainly use AMD chips in its Xbox console.

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