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Apple and Samsung may let you charge your devices wirelessly

The lucky owners of the next Apple iPhone 5S and Samsung Galaxy S4 will be able to recharge their devices wirelessly, so without using a cable.

Published: Tuesday, 12 March 2013 14:33
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On the basis of information obtained from "industry sources," the Taiwanese website "DigiTimes" affirm that the next generation of iPhone will use a wireless charging process made by Apple. However, these "sources" does not indicate whether the iPhone will use an integrated solution or use an accessory.

As for the Samsung Galaxy S4, we learn that it will use a wireless charging technology called Qi, which is already used in the last Nokia Lumia 920. The S4 might not integrate this technology but instead the user will have to use an accessory such as a cover for instance which will do the wireless recharge.

But what credit should be given to the claims of Digitime ?

We can not say that the site is known for 100% reliability of information about Apple products, so this information should be taken with a grain of salt.

Firstly, because we remember that the late Steve Jobs was not really interested in the technology of wireless charging and secondly because Apple's vice-president Phil Schiller had already stated in an interview given to AllThingsD website in last September that "despite the advantages of this technology, it will always connect the accessory or device to an electrical outlet." Hence come the question: what is the use ? "At the opposite, a USB cable can be connected to a computer, any compatible power source and even in aircraft."

"The need to create another device / accessory to connect to a wall socket complicates things further, most of the time" he has added.

Accessories and devices that enable wireless battery charging are already available for those who are interested in this technology, such as devices like the Duracell Powermat or the Energizer Qi.

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