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An Apple iTV SDK coming next month for developpers ?

Rumors about a HD TV made by Apple are as large as how many individual there is on the Indian subcontinent. Here's a new bunch of news that seems strange but which can be quite credible.

The report comes, again, from predictions of a financial analyst : Peter Misek of Jefferies. Based on his "chanels checks", Apple will hold a special event to unveil next month to developers a new software development kit (SDK) for a iTV between 42-inch and 55 inches. He believed that the Apple iTV HD will make its debut in September or October for a price of around $ 1,500 (approx. € 1,200).

Published: Thursday, 14 February 2013 15:22
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Another inportant information : "Apple is likely to rely heavily on the use of content from partnerships with existing pay-TV operators," says the note to investors from this analyst.

Info or Hoax ?

This is not the first time that analysts (such as Jefferies) speculate on an Apple iTV HD. However, the fact that they talk about a special event is an interesting information.

On the other hand, if one reads between the lines of this new report, there's a few key indicators to understand. The use of the words "chanels checks"certainly means that the analyst has heard something or a rumor from an anonymous source or even from another analyst who's trying to predict the future projects of Apple. So knowing this, take the information with caution.

Stay tuned.

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