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News iPhone 5S photos leaked on the web again

The rumors about the iPhone 5S are increasingly insistent these days. New photos of the next version of Apple's iPhone leaked on the web again.

The Images, from the Chinese website, which have been published by the Times of India, reveal the front and rear of the supposed iPhone 5S which is currently in pre-production phasis. As we heard recently, without any surprises, the iPhone 5S design will be similar to the current iPhone 5.

Published: Monday, 11 February 2013 17:15
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Last week, photos of the supposed iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 have leaked via an Apple supplier in China, according to the Chinese blog Sina Tech. One of the users of the Sina Tech site had posted these photos by saying that the iPhone 5S will look a lot like the iPhone 5, while the iPhone 6 should be wider, longer and thinner.

Hard to believe. Taking into account the Apple product life cycle and the Apple's usual business strategy in the past, I would rather believe that the Cupertino company will do as for the iPhone 4S. I mean a revised version of the current iPhone 5 with less storage space, thus limited to 8 GB and an iPhone 5S which, in addition to have a hardware upgrade and design with up-to-date component, will be launched in three versions: 16, 32 and 64 GB with 3G and / or 4G LTE.

That said, Apple may hold the surprise. Maybe or not !! Apple's share has seriously dropped in the stock exchange recently (after his last quarterly result) and its direct rival Samsung start to gain more and more market share with its Galaxy S line-up.

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But let's go back to those famous leaked photos. We remember last December that a French website get its hands (or rather find in a forum) pictures of the supposed iPhone 5S Apple. These photos showed that the outer shell of the device was the same as the current iPhone 5.

iPhone 5S, iPhone, Apple

But how credible are this kind of info? Fake or not fake? It's up to you. At this stage, all report on the web about the iPhone 5S (or iPhone 6) will fall in the "rumor" box. Nevertheless, if Apple plans to release an iPhone 5S, what we can conclude by merging the latest news about it, is that the device will naturally be the same size, shape and design than its predecessor while providing some new features and improvements.

iPhone 5S, iPhone, Apple

What about the iPhone 6 ? I have lots of doubt about the existence of such iPhone model. Aside from a few bits without any specific details, we will take the rumors about it with large tweezers, but then the big one !

Apple's business is clearly challenged by Android-basedsmartphones, and particularly those from Samsung, as we have seen. To regain the confidence of users (and of course fans of its products), the market needs a break-through product, a product that changes the game and that Apple get out of its usual cycle of updates and upgrades. Since the shifting from the iPhone 3GS to the iPhone 4, Apple has proposed only update in terms of hardware features of the iPhone. See iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and the iPhone 5 recently.

Hardware is not everything, wee need software that runs on it. With the different major version of iOS, the operating system of the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, Apple has done a very good job for its customer : SIRI, Notifications Center, and so on ...

So this break-through product which will makes the difference against the rival, will it be on the hardware side (technical specifications, design of the iPhone) or will it be on the software side with an overhaul of iOS ?

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