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Hidden Radio button found deep inside last iOS 6.1 update

It seems that Apple has something new under the hat for us and it's possible that Apple reveal everything at the next WWDC or even during the official announcement of the next iPhone 5S (or iPhone 6). This new feature is hidden within the latest version of iOS. Will Apple release a new app dedicated to Radio ?

Published: Tuesday, 05 February 2013 22:32
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It is through the internal files of iOS 6.1, the new version of the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch operating system, released last week by Apple to users, that this discovery has its source. At least it is thanks to the Jailbreak of iOS 6.1 that we have discovered a set of buttons and some codes that are related to a new "Radio" function. A function that is available in iTunes on Mac or PC but not available on the iPhone nor on the iPad or. What makes the discovery more interesting is that it will be possible to make purchases via the new radio function, presumably on the iTunes Store.

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The new buttons, discovered by site 9to5Mac, clearly confirms that Apple is working on a new Radio service, which we heard repeatedly in rumors in the past. Concretely this service allows the user to stream music from web radio service, we can imagines, such as the popular Pandora, all enhanced with services made-in-apple and fully integrated with the iTunes library. Rumors about a new radio service created by Apple does not date from yesterday, though discussions with beneficiaries (majors, record labels, artists, etc. ...) they seem to be already well advanced.

This discovery comes just after the provision of a method to jailbreak iOS 6.1. Jailbreak is to give the user access not allowed by the standard system, it is the ability to install software not approved by Apple, through the ability to change the appearance of the interface system .

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