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A Google Phone under the code name "X Phone" is in preparation

As you may already know, Google bought the phone division (Motorola Mobility) from Motorola last August 2011. Under the project code name "X Phone", Motorola engineers are already busy on designing a new phone for Google.

Published: Saturday, 22 December 2012 23:34
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A Google Phone under the code name "X Phone"

A Google Phone under the code name "X Phone"

Google clearly shows his will to enter into direct competition with Apple and Samsung in the smartphones area. Will we see a new Google Phone in 2013 ? More detail after the jump.

Seven months after the acquisition of Motorola Mobility for a whopping $ 12.5 billion (8.75 billion euros), Motorola is active in creating a smartphone with features "highly desired" and demarcating from the smartphones already on the market. The new smartphone is scheduled for an official launch in 2013.

The Financial and human forces from Google are coming at the right time to increase the ridiculous market share held by Motorola in the android-based mobile market, which continues to decline since 2010 (see photo below) since the company was exceeded by Apple and Samsung. Google will certainly try to significantly reduce the number of phone model to focus on high-margin devices like Apple did with the iPhone.

Motorola will focus on two segments: devices that are sold to mobile network operators (Orange, SFR, Bouygues Telecom and Free in France) such as the "Droid" models and those from the project "X Phone". In the second segment Google will have to compete with Samsung, according to sources close to Google. This competition does not scare Motorola Mobility because with the means of Google, the company has the ability to do "great things".

The "X Phone" project is led by Google product manager "Lior Ron" from the Google Maps team. For X Phone, Google wants improved camera functionality compared to those offered by its rivals, both in hardware and software, for example, such as better color saturation and taking panoramic photo. As you already know, certain features of today’s smartphones are very energy-consuming which greatly reduces the battery life, as with some of the built-in functions of Apple iPhone 5.
A source close to Motorola says the company hopes to boost the "X Phone" with the recent acquisition of "Viewdle", a company specializing in software development for image acquisition and motion recognition. The road will be long for Google but this is normal Research and Development.

Stay tuned.

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