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Rumor - The iPhone 3GS will be phased out when the iPhone 5 will be launched

The arrival of the nex generation of iPhone will announce a price reduction of the basic models and will probably sound the death for the oldest model today, namely the iPhone 3GS.

Sources close to the official iPhone retail chain who wish to remain anonymous, stated to the "The Telegraph" last Thursday, after nearly more than 3 years of existence on the market, Apple will stop selling of iPhone 3GS after the keynote of next September 12. The only version that will be offered contract-free will be the iPhone 4 released in 2010.

Published: Sunday, 09 September 2012 17:48
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The new iPhone 5 will be available in three versions (16, 32 and 64 GB) as we recently reported, while the iPhone 4S will be available in 8GB version and its price will be reduced by $ 100. The iPhone 4S 64GB version will no longer be offered, this capacity will be reserved to the new iPhone 5. This information is in line with the strategy adopted by Apple for years. Strategy in which older iPhone models are still being sold in 8GB version while price is lowered.

Back in early 2011, the iPhone 3GS has suffered the same fate when the iPhone 4 was launched which was sold contract-free and only 8GB version. A good plan for those who want to buy an iPhone without contract and at a price not too high.


If Apple decides not to sell the iPhone 3GS, those who have bought this model just before the official announcement of the iPhone 5 will not be left aside because they will still benefit from iOS 6, the new major version of the iPhone mobile operating system. While they can not enjoy some of the new features brought by iOS 6 as the turn-by-turn navigation in Apple's new Map application that requires at least one iPhone 4S.

The iPhone 3GS will cease to be so sold in countries where Apple does make a lot of sales but that does not sign its announced death so far as it is possible that Apple continues to sell it in emerging countries, according to analyst Peter Miesk from Jefferies. In these markets, the iPhone 3GS could be solde contract-free under $300. Almost the price of a mid-range current model.

Another possible strategy, Apple could subsidized the iPhone up to $ 200 in 2013, according to analyst Gene Munster of Piper Jeffrey. This information is to be taken with "big tweezers" because subsidized mobile have always been the prerogative of mobile carriers as Apple, as it has alwas been, is a smartphone maker and therefore to trim the margin of its best-selling Smartphones has never been Apple's strategy.

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