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Apple is likely to replace its Ping social network by Twitter within iTunes

Here is a new report that will surprise everyone! A new rumor claims that Apple, in addition too its wish to invest in Twitter regarding another rumer, could also integrate Twitter to iTunes instead of Ping, the made-in-apple social network that has not been as successful as Apple had expected.

According to a report from the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) dated from Wednesday, Apple would seek to expand the presence of Twitter in its products. According to the source interviewed by the WSJ, it would start with Twitter integration within iTunes.

Published: Thursday, 02 August 2012 17:43
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The claim that Apple would be interested in investing in Twitter, from a New York Times report, was countered by the WSJ which claim that this information is out-dated from one year although the two companies, Apple and Twitter, remain good partners. Proof of this partnership is: Twitter integration within iOS 5. However a Twitter integration within iTunes would make sense.

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Last June, we learned that Apple will kick-off Ping, its social network dedicated to music, when the next version of iTunes will be released to the public later this year. During an interview with AllThingD, Tim Cool, CEO of Apple, said that Ping will soon be phased out but that new features related to social networks would be added to Apple products, such as Facebook in 6 iOS and Mac OS X Mountain Lion .

Given the proven disinterest that the public have for Apple's Ping, it is not surprising that Apple decide to remove this feature preferring to use/integrate new social networks function within iTunes like Twitter or Facebook one. When it was first released to Public, Ping had attracted the interest of nearly one million users but over time, the number of active users has severly drop to a very small number.

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