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Rumor - Apple will launch a new iPod Touch 5 end of this year.

A new rumor surfaced on the web, from the Japanese blog MacOtakara, and stating that Apple is preparing to renew the iPod Touch. Details on the specifications of the new iPod Touch 5 are also mentioned. All the detail after the jump..

Published: Tuesday, 24 July 2012 21:55
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In terms of sepcifications, we learn that the next generation iPod Touch will be equipped the same processor as the iPhone 4S. On the design side, the back-case will be very different from the current model because unlike the current model which has a polished shell (with a mirror effect), the new model of iPod Touch will be equipped with an aluminum back-case. Finally, as usual, Apple will offer its new iPod Touch in two colors: black or white.image


The rumor also indicate a hole at the back-case of the new model of iPod Touch ??? Could it be for a camera ?

Nevetheless, a new iPod Touch would be very welcome because since its first sale, apart from the white model and that it is sold at the same price as the previous model, this unit did not get great improvements. When we know that the iPods (Nano, Classic and Touch) represents around one third of Apple benefits and the iPod Touch is half of it, there is no doubt that Apple will reserve us some surprises in this year end. However, as it’s rumor let see with the thile if it’s really true.

Source : MacOTakara

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