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Rumor : The iPad mini will be as thin as an iPod nano but with a 7 inches screen

A new rumor is circulating on the web about the new iPad Mini. It seems that the device could be assembled by Foxconn in Brazil beginning of September 2012.

According to Japanese site MacOtakara, a "reliable Chinese souce" told him that although the factory tests, of the iPad Mini 7 inch named in the rumor, are made in China, the production of the device will be held at the Foxconn plant in Brazil. Foxconn is currently responsible of the assembling of the Apple iPhone and certains iPad models.

The same source also gives more details on this iPad Mini. More info after the jump.

Published: Saturday, 07 July 2012 14:17
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The source gives some detail on the production plan of this new iPad, and contrary to other rumors indicating that the new tablet will be ready for the summer holidays, the new iPad mini quoted by the rumor would be ready for sales in September 2012.
Everyone agrees that this new tablet would have a 7.85 inches screen size but on the form-factor side, the source indicates that it will be more likely as a 3rd generation iPod Nano instead that of an shrinked iPad.
The prototype of this new device would be roughly the same size as the Nexus 7 tablet recently announced by Google but a bit wider and with the as thin as the current iPod Touch. As a comparison, the device would actually be thinner than Amazon’s Fire Kindle tablet.



Foxconn plant in Jundiai, Brasil.


On the connectivity side, the device would be 3G wireless capable. The source have indicated that a list of mobile operators who will receive the device has already been established by Apple, adding that all mobile operators who currently sell the iPad coupled with a data plan will not be served at the official launch.

Finally, just to confirm the rumor, the source ends by telling the Japanese site that the next generation iPhone will be sold starting from September 2012.

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