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Mac OS X Lion Mountain will be available Wednesday, July 25, 2012 on the Mac App Store.

Users of OS X Lion and Snow Leopard will be able to purchase Mountain Lion for a price of 19$99 and download it straight from the Mac App Store, this July 25, 2012. Users who purchased a Mac after 11 June 2012 will be able to download Mountain Lion for free.

It's at the announcement of third quarter fiscal results of Apple to investors on Tuesday that Tim Cook, Apple's CEO, has officially announced it. This date explain why Apple has asked its stores employees to work extra time to prepare the official release of Mountain Lion this July.

Published: Wednesday, 25 July 2012 11:19
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At this conference for investors, Tim Cook said: "We have also updated our MacBook lineup, will release launch Mountain Lion tomorrow and iOS 6 this fall." He also add that "we are excited to show you the new products we have in our pipeline."

The new version of Mac OS includes features inspired from the iOS Plateforme, the operating system of the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, such as the Airplay Mirroring, Game Center, an advanced integration of icloud.

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Announcement of the availability of Mac OS Mountain Lion by Tim Cook is only two weeks after the Gold Master (GM) version,(which mean the system is ready for public release). When Apple have shipped the GM version of Mountain Lion to developpers, no major anomalies has been found. Instead, Apple had advised developers to focus on quality and graphics performance, image and other media importing, editing and display in general, and finally on the reliability and networking performance.

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