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Apple will not release an iPhone with OLED screen

Tim Cook, Apple's CEO, spoke at an investor conference organized by Goldman Sachs in San Francisco today. During his speech was clearly understood that he was not a fan of any OLED displays, which are the big trend in mobile industry for the past two years.

"Say you're surfing your favorite website for shoping. If you ever buy something online and you want to know what is the color of what you see, like many people does, you should really think twice before relying on the color of an OLED screen", said Tim . Instead, "Retina screens developed by Apple, which is twice as bright as the OLED displays, offer a much better viewing experience" he added.

Published: Wednesday, 13 February 2013 00:21
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Well it is understood : Cook shoot directly at mobile manufacturers who are all embedded in the integration of OLED technology in their devices. And that includes Apple's direct rival : Samsung and its Galaxy S smartphone line-up which use OLED screens.

At this conference, was asked to Tim Cook question whether or not Apple will create an iPhone with a larger screen. Cook's response was terse made while raising the issue of brightness and visual experience offered by the screens. About the future plans of the company, Tim Cook declined the question by saying he would not comment on the company's projects but instead focus on the size and specifications, strategies used by companies that can't create an experience that stands out (or "an amazing experience" as he says).


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Take for example the PC industry. Manufacturers tend to compete largely on the specifications and prices, he said, while suggesting that Apple will not engage in this kind of battle. Most consumers do not know - or do not care - how fast the processor runs on their mobile or PC, he added. (Mmm, yes we do care on CPU performance on PC, Mr Cook, at least a little). "All that does not matter as long as the experience offered to the user is the best."

Oh yeh ?! Ok he might be right but what i see here he's just defends Apple's ancestral strategy to never communicate on technical characteristics and performances of its products components.

We remember that ex-Steve Jobs was a man very picky about small details. Tim continued as by adding that Apple refines every detail for the "best" screen possible. And he thinks Apple's already dit it, referring to the Retina display.

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