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iPhone 5 will be sold at the same price point and will be offered in the same color and storage space as the iPhone 4S

The new iPhone will be announced by Apple on September 12, the next week and it will be sold by Apple at the same price and offer the same storage spaces as the iPhone 4S which mean about $ 199 for the 16GB version, $ 299 for 32 GB and $ 399 for the 64GB version.

A source close to the official U.S. retail chain of the iPhone indicates that the new iPhone 5, codenamed N42A or N42B, will be available in different versions as mentioned above (note: A => iPhone 5 Black, B => White iPhone 5). The full list after the jump.

Published: Sunday, 09 September 2012 17:21
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  • N42A-USA or N42B-USA for 199$ 16Go
  • N42A-USA or N42B-USA for 299$ 32Go
  • N42A-USA or N42B-USA for 399$ 64Go

Since the introduction of the iPhone 3G on the market, Apple has always kept the same prices range for new versions of the iPhone and the same storage capacities available. The iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 have been offered in 32 GB maximum. It is only with the iPhone 4S that Apple has proposed a 64GB version. With the new iPhone 5, can we expect Apple to cross the milestone of 128 GB ? It may be unlikely with iCloud in the background and Apple's strategy around the Cloud. Given that iCloud offers additional storage space to users, there is no reason for Apple to increase the storage space of its best-selling smartphone more than reason in the future.

In addition to the highly anticipated iPhone 5, rumors and even colored banners on the front of the Yerba Buena Center of Arts in San Francisco, California, the same place where Apple will hold the next 12th September keynote, it seems that Apple is also preparing to renew its iPod and iPod Touch. According to other rumors, while it seems commercially and strategically unlikely, Apple could offer the iPhone 5 in different color other than white and black. This information is higly speculative. It is more likely that Apple offers different colors but for the iPod Nano or iPod Touch to a lesser extent.

Via : 9to5Mac

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