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A german mobile operator has already started to distribute nano-SIM ahead of the new iPhone 5

The mobile operator Deutsche Telekom has already started to distribute to its network partner the nano-SIM ahead of the highly anticipated launch of the Apple iPhone 5 by September 12 next.

Published: Tuesday, 04 September 2012 17:10
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A nano-SIM for the new iPhone 5

A nano-SIM for the new iPhone 5 has published a photo of the famous nano-SIM last tuesday, adding that deliveries of the said nano-SIM has already begun. A letter accompanying these deliveries indicate that these SIM cards are designed for the "next generation of smartphones," kind of expression not to not mention clearly the new iPhone. More info in image after the jump.

The next generation iPhone is rumored to be equipped with a location for the nano-sim, a sim card that is 40% smaller than the current version of the micro sim card. An evolution of size which is supposed to give smartphones makers like Apple more flexibility in the design of new smartphones model.

Earlier this year, the famous nano-sim had been the subject of controversy when Nokia had vehemently shown his disagreement with the design proposed by Apple when the the latter had submitted to the IEEE, the organization in charge to approve new standards and technology standards including the one for the nano-SIM.

Nokia had claimed that Apple’s nano-sim design was contrary to the anti-competitive rules because its size was too close to that of the current micro-sim. Apple has responded by slightly modifying its design by adding a bit of plastic on the top of the contact’s SIM card and at the same time making the nano-SIM incompatible with current devices, even by forcing him to enter into a location were it’s not fit to.

The nano-sim design proposed by Apple has been selected by the IEEE last June among of four official design proposed for the nano SIM cards’s standard. In July, we heard that mobile operators had purchased high quantity of nano-SIM cards in advance ahead of the eagerly awaited new generation of the new Apple iPhone. This photo of nano-sim card from a mobile operator is just the official confirmation of the rumors heard so far.

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