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Apple will upgrade AirPlay to enable direct streaming without Wi-Fi ?

According to a report from The Telegraph, Apple will upgrade AirPlay which allwo streaming of music and video.

Published: Wednesday, 29 August 2012 13:49
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The new version will enable AirPlay devices like the iPhone or iPad to stream content directly to speakers or other compatible receiver without the need for a wireless network. The Telegraph adds that it is expected that this new feature will be officially unveiled next September 12 at the same time than the next generation of iPhone. More detail after the jump.

Citing the Telegraph report, we learn that "sources close to Apple plan's said that the Cupertino firm wants to improve its streaming technology AirPlay which currently requires AirPlay compatible receivers (speakers, receiver, etc ...) and a Wi-Fi network The new version will just need a speaker or a Hi-Fi device and an Apple device. For instance an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch will create its own ad-hoc network to allow direct streaming of music.

This update of AirPlay may unveil the future that Apple reserves to the AirPlay Direct as Apple may even promote it in place of docks for iPhones / iPods. That may not sound very good for those of us who have invested in docks for iDevices, without forgetting the dock manufacturers themselves. On this side, manufacturers will certainly adapt themselves to the change, I hope so,  because when he was alive, Steve Jobs, himsefl annouce the Post-PC era that has started. For the simple user, the change will not be that easy because we can certainly do without cables, docks etc. .. but for all the equipment already purchased: does that mean throws them all in trash bin and start again ?

However, a big question remains unanswered. How Apple will do to create an Ad-hoc network to allow an iDevice to communicate with AirPlay compatible receiver without using Wi-Fi ? Through the bluetooth ? Obviously NOT because it is too limited and streaming quality will be damn bad. Apple would never do the mistake of streaming sound and video via Bluetooth.

The AirPlay Direct will certainly work as an Ad-hoc wireless network between devices. Saying that it will not use Wi-Fi is not exact. It will still be using Wifi but only between an iPhone and an AirPlay-compatible receiver, so no need for a wireless network created for PC.

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