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New leaked photo about new iPhone 5 show a centered FaceTime camera

Apple.Pro web site, a blog Taiwanese well know for leaked pictures of apple new generations device, has posted new photos of the front face of the next generation of iPhone.

With these images, it is difficult to determine the screen size of the future iPhone unless we do a side by side comparison, though the screen is a little taller than the current iPhones.

On the design side, the photos show that the next iPhone will not change too much in terms of form compared to the current design found on the iPhone 4 and 4S currently sold by Apple.

Published: Monday, 16 July 2012 22:24
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The photos apparently come to an account at Photobucket, which, according to AppleInsider, has already leaked photos of the rear panel of the 3rd generation iPad named by Apple : "the New iPad". The person to whom this account belongs too had also unveiled by the past that the new iPad would be thinner than its predecessor, the iPad 2.

In these photos, it seems that the FaceTime camera is centered. This is the image of the white version only.


The second photo(black) is the verso side of the white front panel seen in the photo above.


The iPhone 5 (or iPhone 6, whatever the name that Apple will give it) is, according to industry sources close to Apple, already being manufactured. Official released of the next generation of iPhone is expected for the month of September or October 2012, almost a year after the launch of the iPhone 4S. A launch at this time frame is strategically good for Apple because it’s very shopping-intensive for consumers.
Rumors indicate insistence that the next generation of iPhone will have a larger screen (taller) to reach a size of 4 inches, (if the photo are genuine). If true, this would be the first device that Apple will change its screen size; a screen that will support a 16:9 aspect ratio.

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