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Apple next iPhone will be equiped with a Samsung SnapDragon Quad-Core CPU

The next generation of Apple's iPhone will be equipped with a quad-core ARM processor architecture-based Samsung Exynos 4.

According to DigiTimes, industry sources close to Apple Asia have mentioned that the processor of the next generation iPhone is Quad-Core while details on that famous processor, such as clock speed or graphics processing unit, have not been mentioned.

We remember that the current processor of the iPhone 4S marketed last year is a dual-core with a clock speed of 800 MHz and dubbed by Apple "A5". This chip was fisrt introduced a few months earlier in the iPad 2, and operates at a frequency of 1 GHz thanks to a larger structure and also through the power supplied by the larger battery of the iPad.

Published: Friday, 06 July 2012 00:03
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With the third generation iPad launched this year, Apple clearly has not revealed its true next-generation processor, preferring instead to improve the older generation of processor with an upgrade and dubbed as "A5X". This processor is based on the low-power processor architecture from Samsung and engraved in 45 nanometers, the same architecture as found in the A5 CPU of the iPhone and iPad 4S 2.

The main change in that A5X processeur was more towards the integrated graphics chip (gpu). While the processor is dual-core, the graphics chip was equipped with 4 cores (quad-core) in order to process the 3.1 million pixels provides by the high resolution Retina Display of the "new iPad".




If Apple give the next iPhone a Quad-Core ARM cpu, the change at internal architecture would be enough for Apple to choose a new name, such as A6. According to DigiTimes, the introduction of a Quad-Core rekindle the competition with other quad-core Smartphones available on the market.

Samsung, HTC, LG have launched their Quad-Core based smartphones in the second quarter of 2012. The model with the most success is the famous Galaxy S III Samsung running the mobile operating system Android from Google. Although the S III is available worldwide, there is an exception : the model sold in the U.S. equipped with a chip-4G LTE have only a Dual-Core Snapdragon S4 CPU.

Competition among Phones maker is supposed to be more fierce as more and more Quad-Core-based smartphone will be introduced on the market during the second half of 2012 thanks to better availability of ARM chip from Qualcomm.

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