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Linus Torvald likes the Google Nexus 7 tablet under Androïd

The Google Nexus 7, a tablet under Google Android mobile operating system, is well appreciated by Linux Torvalds, creator of the Linux kernel.

It is on the social network Google + that Linus Torvalds, creator of the kernel of Linux operating system which is found in multiple distributions today, shared his thoughts about the new tablet Nexus 7 announced last month by Google.
Whether it’s its 7-inch screen tablet, the ease of use, or, somehow rare nowadays, its version unmodified version of Android which is faster and more efficient than the modified versions of Androïd added by device manufacturers, the tablet is generally well appreciated by Linus. However, he made no comment on the NVIDIA Tegra 3 graphics processor of the tablet. Perhaps this is due to the recent dispute that Linus had with Nvidia ?

Published: Saturday, 28 July 2012 19:56
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On the design side, Google has done a very good work with the version 4.0 of Android, this the need for a overlay added by device manufacturers is almost useless. Many times, with android smartphones or tablet, an overlay is added to the system’s device, which users themselves said it’s not bug-free and sometimes useless. Some manufacturers, like HTC, for example, have done a good job whith theirs own overlay, an overlay which receive good crictics from users.

Google Nexus 7 tablet under Androïd

But let’s get back to Torvald impression on the Nexus 7. He said that the 7 inches screen is sure confortable but the ideal format whould be a screen ranging from 7 ou 8.9 inches, while excluding a 9 inches screen which is said to be less user-friendly. Visually speaking, the ideal screen size would be an 8 inches.

On the equipement side, while Google’s tablet is not equiped with a rear camera like the Apple iPad or with an SD card reader as we can see on many androïd devices, thoes lacks are not very impacting Torvald said.

Finally, on the price side, Linus didn’t comment but we already know that a price from 199$ as announced by Google is very welle afordable for many. Because of its good quality, its quad-core cpu, the Nexus 7 is cost-effective as a mid-range affordable device. Victim of its own success among users, the Nexus 7, assemble by Asus for Google, is said to be out-of-stock in many countries since its official launch.

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