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Siri could do even more with the next major version iOS 7.0

Apple has posted on its website 12 new jobs that are clearly oriented "speech recognition".

Published: Tuesday, 02 April 2013 23:19
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The latter gives us some clues about the future plans of the company. It seems clear that Apple want to boost the capabilities of its virtual assistant named: SIRI.

The Apple jobs offer entitled "software engineer" indicates that the team in charge of Siri is looking for an engineer to help them implement new domain of expertise and expand the capabilities of SIRI, to the delight of its millions of users.

On the other side, the "interaction designer" job offer indicates that the candidate will strive to expand the capabilities of SIRI, its knowledge, its intelligence, help to invent new techniques to handle "controversial" conversationsand then help build new tricks, process and standard that will be the foundation for the design and future innovations of SIRI.

When Apple acquired Siri in early 2010, we never imagined that the company would invest so much time and money in this virtual voice assistant. On the iPhone, Apple had implemented a very basic voice assistant who knew to execute simple and well defined voice commands. After the acquisition of Siri, Apple has delivered a more complete voice assistant and made it exclusive to the iPhone 4S, leaving by the way at the same time all users of older iPhone model, their physical capacity not allowing SIRI to run in good conditions. SIRI is now found in many post-Apple iPhone 4S products.

Despite the chaotic beginnings, Apple believes in SIRI, although it is currently in version "beta" as stated by Tim Cook, who by the way did compare the arrival of SIRI with the arrival of multi-touch on iPhones and iPads.

It is clear that Apple seeks to capitalize on the acquisition of Siri and make it a flagship product as was the iPhone and iPod in the past, even if en route SIRI has lost two of its co -founders such as Dag Kittlaus and Adam Cheyer. Both successors left the company since ...

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