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Apple is in talks with Yahoo to add new services to iOS and SIRI

Apple is in talks to partner with Yahoo to provide even more services on iOS based devices like the iPhone and iPad.

Published: Wednesday, 10 April 2013 15:34
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The talks are already well advanced, according to information from the Wall Street Journal (WSJ). Today, iOS, the system of the iPhone and iPad have only two preloaded native applications that use data from services from Yahoo : Finance and Yahoo Weather. Siri, the virtual assistant available on the iPhone 4S and later, uses meanwhile, data from Yahoo Sports.

In addition to the services already used, Apple and Yahoo are in talks to bring Yahoo News and other services from Yahoo on Apple devices and even expand the capabilities of SIRI. For the moment no contract is signed between the two companies, according to the statements from sources close to the project.

The fact that Apple seeks to expand Internet services available on these devices is not new. Somegow it's logic than Apple turn to a Google rival. The company had already disengaged from the services of the search giant by rebuilding from scratch its application "Maps" which originally was based on the Google Map service.

On mobile search, the majority of iOS users start their searches on Google. Google certainly pays Apple fort the consequent user basis Apple provide.

However, the disengagement initiated by Apple against Google services and the potential partnership with Yahoo does not say that Apple wants to eject Google as a search engine in iOS. In the opinion of Eddy Cue, head of Internet software and services division at Apple, told that "Apple does not want to sacrify the quality of search results on the web because Google is the best option" for the moment.

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