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Apple reject from the App Store iOS Apps which use cookies tracking

Apple give users of its product, such as iPhone, iPad, the means to controller how advertisers get information about the devices on which their ads are displayed; basically a better way yo controller dissemination of information about user habits through an iPhone application.

Published: Tuesday, 26 February 2013 17:19
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According to information from the TechCrunch website, an anonymous source close to Apple, more precisely one of the Apple employees from Apps Review and Validation service for the App Store, Apple has reportedly implemented a new rule: "Any apps that uses cookies to track user behavior and habits would be rejected."

This sign clearly tell that Apple has open the war to unscrupulous advertisers. By the way it is also a good way for the Cupertino firm to force advertisers to use the new technology he has introduced with iOS 6: "Limit Ad Tracking" and also its ad agency "iAd."

Basically, what is a cookie ?

It is a small file stored on a computer to improve navigation on a website, or to remember the user's session. How cookies work on a smartphone like the Apple iPhone is the same as on a computer: a small file that saves information about a user or visitor of the site or an application that can be used later when it returns to the site or application.

Ok and now ?

Before the unveiling of iOS 6, the UDID (unique identifier of an Apple device), an identifier created by Apple had had good use (to bring new features, for example) but often diverted by advertising and unscrupulous developers to perform tracking and display targeted advertisements and / or even get data they are not supposed to have on users.

With iOS 6, Apple has removed access to the UDID and introduced a new feature called "Limit Ad Tracking". Advertisers and developers had then no other choice to fall back on cookies within apps. Another way to avoid Apple "iAd".

New option : Limit Ad Tracking

And what did Apple ?! It has now decided to ban the use of cookies for users tracking in iOS apps. It is a blessing in disguise. The privacy of users is preserved to a lesser extent, and it is also a good way for Apple to appease the authorities in matters of privacy and consumer protection.

In a web browser, it is very easy today to disallow cookies. But what about within an application ? There is no way if the developer does not provide a setting for this or worse if the cookie is used without the user's consent.

With this new rule, the developers have put in place tracking cookies within their iOS application have works to do. They will simply have to rework or redesign their apps and / or even adopted the new iOS feature: Advertising identifier or their app may be rejected from the App Store.


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