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A hack in iOS 6.1 allows to use the iPhone even if the screen is locked

A pesky hack allow anyone, including an ill-intentioned, access to the address book, listen to your voice messages and calls while the iPhone is locked. A very annoying bug.

Published: Friday, 15 February 2013 00:32
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A video has even been posted on YouTube showing users how to "bypass the password entry on the lock screen" on an iPhone using one of the latest version of iOS, including version 6.1 which was released a little less than a week ago. With this hack shown in the video, anyone can access the phone application on an iPhone protected by password, for instance.

To achieve the hack, users should do as if they want to turn off the iPhone but instead, make an emergency call, and hold the sleep button. Aniki's Journal has managed to recreate the hack given it’s a childlike game. I must say that whoever posted the video on YouTube, he’s explaining the hack step by step. Off course such hack can be used for good or bad. So it is at your own risks. I would strongly advise you not to use it against your own family, friends, etc ....

In the wake of the discovery of this vulnerability in the latest version of iOS, Apple delcared that he is currently preparing a patch to fix this vulnerability. Of course, this will come as another software update. As usual in the Apple’s statements, the company said it "takes very seriously the safety of users." And added: "We are aware of this problem and will provide a fix in a software update to come."

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For those who cant’ find or access the video on Youtube, below are the exacts steps to follow :

  1. Lock the iPhone
  2. Swith it on and Slide to Unlock
  3. Make an emergency call
  4. Hold the sleep button until “Switch off” message is displayed then cancel. At this moment you will see the status bar becoming blue. Key-in an emergency call number, call and cancel it immediately so that the call does not go through.
  5. Lock the iPhone again using the Sleep button. Switch the screen on again using the “HOME” button.
  6. Slide to Unlock again and Hold the Sleep button. After 3 secs tap on Emergency call.
  7. Screen will flash and will give you access without any passcode.

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