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Top 10 of the much awaited new functionality that come with iOS 6 this fall

Apple had announced the upcoming arrival of iOS 6 during the keynote of June 11, 2012 for the opening of the WWDC 2012. During this keynote, Apple announced not less than200 new features in the new version of iOS for our iDevices. iOS 6 is expected for next October.

Among the new features, I have selected the top 10 most significant one and much-awaited by users.

Published: Tuesday, 24 July 2012 22:17
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01) FaceTime on 3G

Apple has always limited the use of FaceTime to Wifi. With the new version of iOS, it will be possible to make FaceTime calls over 3G. But it should be noted that this will work only if you have an iPhone 4S or an iPad 2 or New iPad .

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02) Siri evolves and can do more things

Siri has somehow been "educated" to answer questions about movies, game results, make reservations at a restaurant, post tweets and even supports new languages. A SIRI’s new feature which will be introduced with iOS 6 is "Eyes Free" that lets you use your iPhone and SIRI without the need to look at the iPhone screen when driving. Major brand of car makers will incorporate this functionality, according to Apple.

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03) Do Not Disturb option

This option is not similar to the mode "airplane" that already exists on iOS because you still receive calls and SMS but the phone will not vibrate or play a ringtone. The device will ignore the calls and text message as well but still allows you to see them when you turn off "Do Not Disturb".
On the other side, if the same number call you at least 3 times during the last 5 minutes, the device will consider the call as important and will notify you. You will of course be able to adjust the settings.

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04) Reject calls options and Reminders

When receiving a call, dragging up the handset icon displayed next to "Slide to unlock", will show new options allowing you to:

  • to answer the caller with a message (SMS or IMessage) without lifting,
  • if you do not want to answer: set a reminder so you remember to remind this person
  • or send an automated message (SMS or IMessage) personalized

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05) VIP Mail

A new group "VIP" (below in red) will be displayed in the Mail inbox. The "VIP" contains all emails that you consider important and that you should not miss. Mails received from a person being part of the VIP group will be marked with a star next to their names.

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06) Facebook

Once logged into your Facebook account from your iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), it will be possible to post status on Facebook from the Notification Center, SIRI or any other application that supports Facebook, such as Photos, Maps, and Safari. It is also possible to synchronize and update your contact information on all your iOS devices. The information of your contacts will be updated with information from their Facebook profile and their phone number.
From virtually anywhere in the system, either you are in Safari, watching a picture, you can post photos, status or a web page on the social network. Share photos from the Photo Stream or your Photo Library will be even easier.

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07) Passbook

Passbook, a new application created by Apple and that we can consider as a "virtual card holder", can turn your device into a wallet. Your loyalty cards, movie tickets, boarding pass, theather ticket will be saved in the application. Very useful for those who travel a lot for example.

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08) Maps: new version made-in-apple

As you may know already, Apple and Google compete at iOS mapping applications. Apple has dropped the mapping data provided by Google Map in its Maps application, and thus have created its own solution. The new version of Maps available in 6 iOS will be TomTom powered. The new Maps app will have new features such as navigation turn-by-turn like traditional GPS, support of SIRI, a new traffic service and a brand new Fly-Over mode that display real time 3D view of cities around the world. Note that the 3D mode will only be available on iPhone 4S and on the new iPad 3.

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09) Safari and its improvements

Apple a amélioré le navigateur web Safari et lui a apporté quelques nouvelles fonctions. Ainsi, avec iOS 6, Apple a revu visuellement parlant les fonctions de partage dans Safari. Le menu partage passera désormais par une icône situé à côté de la barre d’adresse. Une nouvelle fonction appelé “Onglets iCloud” (ou iCloud Tabs) permettra de continuer la navigation que vous avez commencé depuis un autre appareil (Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch). Et enfin les “liste de lecture” en mode déconnecté permettant de consulter en offline une page web complète.

Apple has improved the Safari web browser and awared it  with new features. With iOS 6, Apple has reviewed, visually speaking, the sharing features in Safari. The share menu will now come with an icon next to the address bar. A new feature called “icloud Tabs” is also added which allow you to continue web browsing that you have started from another device (Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch). And finally the "offline playlist" which allow now to see an entire web page offline.

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10) Shared Photo Stream

A new feature that will be useful for everyone who want to share photos with a group of selected people. All you have to do is to select the photos to share, select "Photo Steam" in the share menu and add the contacts with whom you want to share the photos. The shared photo streams can be made private or invisible. The people with whom you share the photos can also comments them.

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When will iOS 6 be available ?

iOS 6 will be made available officially by Apple, presumably, for the month of September or October 2012. The new version of iOS will be compatible with the iPhone 3G, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPad 2, the new iPad (iPad 3) and the fourth-generation of iPod Touch ...

Some of the features will not be available for all devices (FaceTime on 3G, Fly-Over mode in Maps, SIRI, etc ....)

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