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Apple has released a new version of icloud for developers integrating Notes, Reminders, Calendar and more improvements

Apple has today launched a new beta version of accessible to iOS and Mac developers who have subscribed to Apple Developpers Program. Find out all the detail and images aftter the jump.

Published: Thursday, 05 July 2012 17:40
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New version of icloud released in Beta

New version of icloud released in Beta

The new beta version of is available at the following address: The new icloud does not include very big changes but adds syncing of Notes and Reminders. Apple have added a new version of "Find my iPhone" and also improved the Calendar.


The new web application "Note" in iCloud is similar to the one found on the iPad, iPhone or OS X Lion Mountain. Users can input, organize their reminders as on their iDevice. It will also be possible to send a note directly to your icloud email address (if you have one).

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The application "Reminders" is nothing much than the web version of the native application found on iOS or OS X Lion Mountain. Users can create different reminders, and assign them a date and time and even add a note.

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Find My iPhone

The Find My iPhone web application has been reviewed in this beta version of in order to work with iOS 6 to which will be added a new feature "lost mode" in the application Find My iPhone. This mode lets you place the unit in "Lost" (I guess it's mainly to disable all functions of the iPhone and leave only the needfull to find the device). Let's see when iOS 6 is released.

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The new beta version of icloud adds new features on the Calendar web application. No big visual change in the Calendar application but internally, Apple has certainly havd some improvement because new settings in relation to the "Notifications" have been added.

Just before the WWDC 2012, images of notifications banners had inadvertently leaked on visibly indicating that Apple was preparing a new version of These new settings are certainly related to the banners that will goes live at the public release of iOS 6.

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This new version of shows clearly that Apple seeks to unify all iOS devices and Mac OS X. A single access point for all Mac and IOS devices is probably the best thing to do allowing in the same time users to efficiently manage documents, settings etc ...

By integrating applications such as Notes, Reminders to icloud, Apple improve the symbiosis between iOS 6 and Mac OS X who should be release by next October for iOS and sometime in July 2012 for OS X Lion Mountain.

(Via: 9to5Mac)

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