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The high price of the Apple Retina Macbook Pro avoid the sales to take off

Even with the recent price drop Apple has applied to its MacBook Pro laptop line-up, sales do not take off and stocks remains large enough, according to Asian sources close to Apple.

The Asian suppliers that provide components for the Apple Macbook Pro admit to observe a stagnation in orders which would force Apple totry to sell its stock Macbook with price drop, according to DigiTime site.

Published: Wednesday, 10 April 2013 14:09
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It is not a surprise because even in the U.S., the largest Apple market, official dealers find out tht for example the 13.3-inch model of the Macbook Pro does not sell as well as expected. We must have an event like the MacConnection to see a significant price drop on this model: $ 1,299 with a $ 400.

Precisely, it was at the original price of $ 699 that Apple has announced the 13.3-inch model last October, and later to drop it price to $ 1,499 in February after distribution chains such as Best Buy and MacMall malls seek to sell their stock of unsold MmacBook Pro with discount. Both distributors are now selling the 128GB version of the Macbook Pro 13.3 on an average of $ 50 cheaper than Apple.

Apple has obviously overestimated the selling price of its Macbook Pro. Still, with the discount that its official distributors applies to boost sales, the retail price (minimum price advised by Apple) are very high. Apple rivals take this opportunity to create computer models equivalent in hardware, better and cheaper. Google Chromebook Pixel is an example with a higher pixel density screen (239 pixels against 227 for Macbook Pro), touch screen and the ability to add to it a 4G chip, all for $ 1299.

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