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The App Store bug is finally corrected by Apple

Apple said on Thursday he had "corrected" the problem of App Store DRM server that corrupts recently updated applications on the iOS App Store and the Mac OS App Store. More detail after the jump.

Published: Saturday, 07 July 2012 01:55
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The company told in a statement to AllThingsD that the problem had involved only a small number of users : "We had a temporary problem yesterday with one of our DRM server that has generated the digital signature for certains applications recently updated and being downloaded by users. The problem has been fixed and we do not think this could happen again. ".

Users, to whom applications crashes after an update, were asked to remove the apps and reinstall them. This Thursday, Apple also said to some developers, who had contacted him via the customer service line, that the company was aware of the problem and that it "works to resolve it".

The developer of "Instapaper," had even drawn attention to this problem earlier this week. Contrary to statements from Apple indicating that the problem was affecting only a limited number of users, the developer had established a list of over 100 applications affected by the issue. Information to be checked.

After the fix provided by Apple, some developers have asked Apple to remove any negative comments resulting from the issue and unfairly blaming developers for app crashes. The site Macworld said, according to its sources, that Apple was going to delete one star negative comments. Is that Possible ?!!!

The App Store has had a pretty mouvemented week. Apple have also revealed the same Thursday that it has removed a Russian malware from the App Store after security researchers have discovered that the application was downloading the address book of the iOS user without authorization and then send spam email to the obtained contacts containing a link to said application.

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