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Apple will fix soon the App Store bug which corrupts Apps update files.

iOS and Mac OS Application developers have recently received an email from Apple informing them this thursday that a fix is in preparation for the bug which corrupts apps files on the iOS and the Mac App Store.

Published: Friday, 06 July 2012 01:10
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Apple will fix the App Store bug

Apple will fix the App Store bug

Three days ago a bug, propably from Apple's servers, have resulted in the instant crash of apps that you update.

The problem may comes from the apps executable files downloaded on our iOS devices or Mac which are corrupted, at least when doing an update. The bug seems to be due to Apple's DRM server, although the main reason of the bug is not clearly identified. More detail after the jump.

When a developer submits an application (new or an update) for distribution in the App Store or the Mac App Store, the application executable files are digitally signed by Apple's DRM servers and encrypted to prevent piracy before it is available on the App Store.
According to the developers that inform of the issue to Tech Crunch web site, Apple has released a statement indicating that the company was aware of the bug and is working to find a solution. The short note from Apple indicates briefly the cause of the crashing Apps and how updates are reviewed by Apple before being made available on the App Store.

Extract of Apple Statement:

“We are aware of the issue related to apps crashing after update. We are currently working on resolving the issue. Stay tuned for updates.”

An iOS developer whose apps are victim of this bug has already contacted the customer service via number included in the e-mail received from Apple and was told that the company has already mobilized a team of workers to to find the root reason of the bug and correct it. A follow-up email (certainly to keep developers informed of the evolution of things), will be sent shortly has Apple assured. As of now no no new statement has been reported.

According to the blog note of Marco Arment, Instapaper creator: "a seemingly corrupt update [is] being distributed through the App Store in some regions," referring to a version of its application that been affected by the problem. "That does not make sense - obviously, Apple has already reviewed and approved the app, and it worked for them," said Arment. "My apps archive from Xcode worked perfectly. But every time I downloaded the update from the App Store, the application crashed on."

Some have speculated that the applications affected by the bug may not have been fully encrypted before being available on the App Store, making the apps unusable. Users affected by the bug are invited to remove and reinstall a fresh copy of their application victim of the bug the time Apple has solved the problem.

(Via AppleInsider)

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