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Microsoft Windows 8.1 will allow to fully disable Metro User Interface

An option in Windows 8.1, the supposedly new version of Windows 8, will allow to boot the system directly with the Classic User Interface known from earlier version of the operating system. User will be able to have the same desktop as in Windows 7, for instance. Such is the rumor.

Published: Monday, 15 April 2013 13:41
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According to information from WinBeta, itself quoting an article from a Russian blog, there shall be in Windows 8.1 code that can disable the Metro home screen of Windows and allow to automatically get the desktop as in Windows 7 after booting a computer.

It is no doubt that such fonctionnality will be used by many computer owner today because Windows 8's new Metro User interface is not well appreciated among the users. It is obvious the users do not like at all a home screen or even a desktop as tile (like the program icons on the Apple iPhone).

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Microsoft choice to impose users of its system a radical change in the visual interface of Windows is the main reason of this dislike. And not only that, because according to statistics from IDC, over the months that followed the official sale of Windows 8, sales of new computers drastically falls. The new version of the Windows operating system is focused on features that are obviously more suitable for tablets and touch screen devices instead of standard computers. The majority of Windows users are certainly perhaps fan of touch-based product but not for their daily needs on a computer. This partly explains the frustration felt by the users where 90% of them were used to the interface of Windows 7 or earlier versions.

The user dissatisfaction is the direct result of computers sales collapse. Althoug there is in Windows 8 an unofficial method to return to "classic" desktop User interface, an official method from Microsoft itself would be highly appreciated. If the code spotted in Windows 8.1 is available to users with a simple parameter, will that boost it sales ?

We'll know more next June 26, 2013 when Microsoft will held its "Build" conference.


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