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Intel will finally release an Internet TV service and a set-top box

In an interview with the site AllThingsD, Erik Huggers, CEO of Intel Media, confirmed  that his company will release a new Internet TV service this year. Many things have been said about the future plans of Intel in the media but so far the company has remained silent on his plans until now ...

Published: Wednesday, 13 February 2013 00:39
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Intel will provide devices and services directly to consumers, so no intermediate.  Its box will come with a camera that can detect who is in front of the TV. Huggers, however, did not give any details, such as the name it will be given to Intel's new service and the partners with which it will ally with but he said that the service will allow users to watch live TV, On-demand program, and other additional services will be offered.
"For the first time, we offer ... a new electronic product to the general public. A product that people can purchase directly from Intel through a new brand," said Huggers.

On the Intel's fothcoming Box, it will work thanks the CPU, of course, from Intel. The company is already working to develop partnerships with the audiovisual industry and to define a business model to offer TV on the Internet, Catch-Up TV and online services. Ok but he does not live with conccurence box ADSL operators? What will further the Box Intel compared to current box?

To answer this question, the answer Huggers summarized in one sentence: "It is an all in one solution." Although Intel hopes (perhaps) revolutionized the television industry, closely resembles the service offers cable television cable or ADSL.

Unlike actual Internet TV offers, do not count on saving money through Intel TV service. Even Huggers confesse that Intel's strategy is not to split consumer television bill's in half. Added to that, users will not be able to choose their own TV channels but simply subscribe to a package offer established by Intel.


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But where is the advantage of such an offer then ?

Intel believes that "what consumers want is choice and comfort." If the packages are correctly established TV channels then that's the value. Hard to believe. The new service will t'it popular with consumers? Not so sure.

Attempts by the company to do business in the TV industry has already proven unsuccessful. While it provided in the past processors for the Google TV from Sony and a Google TV-compatible box from Logitech, these products didn't make it very well . They have simply not attracted the attention of consumers. This has prompted Intel to stop this business end of 2011.

What's pretty amazing is that the "Freebox Revolution", the set-top box from Internet operator "Free" in France, knows a very great success while being itself equipped with a processor manufactured by Intel. Maybe Intel want to have the same success in creating its own box ?

While Intel have stopped the integration of its processors in the smarts TV, the company seem to not wish to abandon this market.

Finally, the Intel's service will also available on mobile but according to Huggers, it will take time to adapt the service to multiple platform. So Wait and See.


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