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BMW immitate Apple with its own Genius Bar program

In an article in U.S. weekly magazine "Advertising Age", the automaker BMW has indicated that it intends to launch a new "Genius BMW Everywhere" program next year. A program similar to Apple Genius Bar.

The program will be launched by BMW in the United States at the national level and will aim to "educate" customers on the company's products, without necessarily the sale of a vehicle.

Published: Monday, 11 February 2013 18:12
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The "Genius," said BMW, will actually be young (maybe students) people equipped with iPads to answer questions from visitors and / or customers about vehicle in the exhibition halls of the brand.

According to BMW, which has obviously been very inspired by Apple Genius Bar, the program will also help salesperson who need to know everything they need to know about a particular vehicle, in addition to the financial aspects of sales. With "genius" now in the showrooms, the first questions that visitors / clients might have will be answered without a salesperson engaged in the talk. If the client decides to proceed to the "purchase" it will be routed directly to a salesperson.

While Apple's Genius Bar aim at solving/handlinh issues faced by customers of purchased products from the brand and assist / educate future customers as the current, the "BMW Geniuses" aim at giving an overview of the products before the purchase itself.

BMW is not the only company that immitate Apple. The retails chain Best Buy in the United States, for example, intend to change the layout of its stores to make them more open and focused on products. Best Buy has also set up a "bar" for clienst who want to learn about the products sold in the store.

BMW plans to launch its Genius Everywhere program in 2014 with an initial pilot program in the United States later this year.

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