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Google said to not be afraid of the Apple's win at trial against Samsung

Following the verdict for the trial "Apple versus Samsung" regarding Samsung patent infringement of the iPhone and iOS, the operating system of the iPhone, Samsung and Apple have not made any public statement on the subject. But Google did.

Samsung smartphones are running thanks to Android, the mobile operating system created by Google. Google has obviously expected the final verdict before making his statement, that you can read after the jump.

Published: Tuesday, 28 August 2012 15:51
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In a reply sent to the site The Verge, Google said that the patents mentioned in the trial that opposes Apple to Samsung are not related to the core functions of the Android mobile operating system, while adding that the entire mobile industry is "built on ideas that have been there for decades".

The court of appeal is now reviewing the infiringement and validity of the said patents. Most part of them does not affect the essential functions of Android operating system while some other are being analysed by the US Patent and Trademark Office. The mobile industry is changing fast and all players, including new comers, are building on based on ideas that have been there for decades.

The court clearly identified Samsung as faulty and sentenced him to pay damages and interest reaching nearly $ 1 billion to Apple. Now that the verdict is pronounced, Apple now seeks to impose a ban on sale of Samsung devices (tablets and smartphones) which violate Apple patents in the U.S. market. Samsung has already announced he want to appeal the decision and is even ready to go to the Supreme Court of Justice if necessary.

The legal battle between Samsung and Apple is not ready to end.

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