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RIM hope to take on Apple with new contact management boosted with social network features

RIM, the BlackBerry smartphones maker well known from professionals, plans to provide more social features to BlackBerry users. Thus, a user can for example update his address book with information from the public profile’s of his contacts from social networks, blogs, tweets and other details. An attempt to bring back users who tend to go for rivals devices such as the Apple iPhone or the Galaxy SIII Samsung.

The new contact management feature, which will include information from social networks and other websites in a single page, will be available on the next generation of RIM smartphones to be launched in early 2013, the company said in a note to the media.

Published: Monday, 20 August 2012 22:51
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RIM, which has very long been a dominant manufacturer of smartphones in the past, has seen its market share reduced to almost a pittance since the arrival of Apple and Samsung. RIM's future rests on the new generation of smartphones: BB10 that the company prepares to launch on market.

T.A McCannon, in charge of developing the new contact management features and development of BlackBerry Messenger at RIM, said : "RIM has always had a legacy of productivity ... We will make the BlackBerry more attractive when we launch the BB10 ".

The next generation of BlackBerry, which will replace the current BlackBerry’s line-up which begins to be pulled off vis-à-vis the bestseller such as the Apple iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S and the Samsung Galaxy S3, will run the new version of the RIM’s mobile operating system : BlackBerry 10 which is currently under development.

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McCann gives more detail on the new BB10 stating that the new contact management system will aggregate contact informations, status update and meeting of a contact in a single page. He added that the status updates of your Facebook friends and Twitter will also be taken into account to have a contact card the most up to date. Ohh really? All your friends are not on Facebook or Twitter. These two social networks are not the only ones which exist on the internet. Basically, with Black Berry OS 10 RIM catches simply its late from the Apple iOS mobile operating system.


RIM, a Waterloo-based in Ontario, USA, hopes that its next generation of BlackBerry will allow him to get back the market share taken away by Apple's iPhone and various smartphones under the Google Android system. McCann, who is the founder and former CEO of GIST a Seattle-based company brought by RIM in early 2011, promises that the new features added to the new BlackBerry are outcome of innovations created by GIST and will sure delight users. Really ??? In my own opinion, much more than an improved contact management is required to get Apple or Google smartphones back to the BlackBerry.

A small precision but not the least, the new way to manage contact information via the BlackBerry 10 is already present in the operating system that runs the RIM’s PlayBook tablet. We can bet that the new BB10 is not limited to only that. McCann has certainly not reveal everything. But what about users who stay with their current BlackBerry when the next generation: will they be able to upgrade to the new version of the system or will they have to buy a new device ?

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