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Will Apple attend the Black Hat 2012 Security conference ?

According to information from Bloomberg, Apple will participate to the Black Hat conference dedicated to the security of operating systems. This news is somehow "unusual" because Apple has never attended the conference in the past.

Published: Tuesday, 24 July 2012 21:08
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Dallas De Atley, team leader in charge of security at Apple, planifierais to present some key points about the safety of IOS, the mobile operating system from Apple for the iPhone and the iPad.


Given the growing popularity of OS X, the Mac operating system and the fact that iOS is undoubtedly one of the largest mobile platform of the moment, Apple is constantly under pressure. Malwares that have infected nearly 1/2 million users of Mac OS earlier this year and the recent discoveries of ways to bypass validation systems of iOS in-app purchase are somes proof of that pressure. Apple is however better than its rival in terms of security because iOS and Mac OS users have so far been protected from malware and security holes that are common to other platforms.

In the past, Apple has long been criticized for not implementing enough security or to not responding quickly enough to a security vulnerability discovered in its systems. But with the growing number of users of its products, Apple can no longer forget about this point. However, since several years Apple has delivered series of patches and improvements related to the security of its products.

Apple rejoindrait donc Microsoft sur le banc des participants de la conférence Black Hat Security. Microsoft avait, lui, participé pour la première fois à cette conférence en 1998. Google c’était en 2010. Pour le moment nous ne connaissons pas le détail de ce sur quoi parlera De Atley mais gageons qu’il s’agisse d’une bonne initiative de la part d’Apple.

So Apple is now joining Microsoft on the bench of participants for the Black Hat Security conference. Microsoft attended this conference for the first time in 1998. Google in 2010. For the moment we do not know the details on which De Atley will talk about but that this is a good move from Apple.

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