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Apple could be fined again by Italian competition regulation to not offer the legal 2 years of warranty that the clients are entitled with.

In Italy, consumers who buy  electronics products and other associated property are entitled to 2 years of free support, regardless of other warrany provided by the manufacturer.
The Italian authority of markets and competition regulation has already fined 900 000 euros to a Apple subsidiary to not offer its customers the free two years legal assistance to which they are entitled with and by systematically offer its premium technical assistance instead.

Published: Sunday, 01 July 2012 15:46
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Month after the fine has been pronounced, Apple still has not comply with its legal requirements. Apple offer to its clients only one free year of warranty which can be extended to 2 years by paying a fee.

The anti-trust has then opened a procedure against Apple which claim also 2 unlawfull practices by Apple. If Apple does not comply with its obligations, a new fine of 300 000 euros will be applied.

Regarding the Italian anti-trust authority, the informations about warranty scheme provided by Apple suggest that the client are entitled to pay for the premium warranty service without to inform them about their 2 years of free assistance.

The request sent by the autorithy to Apple will be made public in the next weeks and Apple will then have 30 days to reply. Last year, Apple appealed to the antit-trust authority but loast earlier this year.

Source : Reuters.

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