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Zynga will allow to use real money in its game starting April 3th

Zynga, a company that made ​​its success with games available on the social network Facebook, will this weekend allow to use real money in its online gambling games.

On its official blog, the company has announced today the possibility of using the real money in its games via its UK website from April 3, 2013. And this begins with two games, well-known from the public: ZyngaPlusPoker ZyngaPlusCasino, among the 160 other social games from the company.

Published: Wednesday, 03 April 2013 13:38
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Zynga will use the platform from gambling & online poker's company Bwin Party Digital Entertainment to offer its players the opportunity to play poker and play online casino games with real money.

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ZyngaPlusPoker is a online poker game decorated with tournaments while ZyngaPlusCasino is more about a classical casino games including FarmVille. Players can use their current account no matter the site visited. Facebook versions and mobile versions of these games are expected this year, according to what the company told.

In addition to these versions and with the obvious pressure from its shareholders, it is also scheduled the launch of the onling gambling game in the U.S. market. To this end, the company has already applied for an officially license of online gambling site in the state of Nevada last year.

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