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Take professional notes and in HD with Beesy

Tired of notes applications that do not meet your business needs ? You always dream of a pro taking note application, the French start-up BeesApps, did it for you, and it is called Beesy.

The application Beesy, now in version 1.3 and benefiting of the new iPad HD, brings the management of a structured note-taking, automatic configuration of To-Do's from your notes, adding drawings, plans and web pages to your meeting notes.

But that's not all because Beesy now integrates audio and pictures so that you do not miss anythings from your meetings and stop using pen + paper. Beesy is your virtual secretary for your business meetings. Find out this powerful application in image after the jump.

Published: Monday, 16 July 2012 17:59
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Situations in which you will find Beesy useful are multiple. Let's say during an appointment, or a meeting. For instance you want to add drawings, web pages, maps or photos to illustrate your notes, Beesy makes it all possible in a simple and easy way :




Are you a demanding user? To not lose anything from your professional meeting and stay focused on your partner, Beesy now allows the audio recording of meetings. Thus, every detail you do not notice will not be forgotten because Beesy optimizes rapid note taking by allowing the use of audio directly in the notes. It is also possible to annotate your audio stream, stream that can be easily added as an attachment into your note which you will be able to sent through email.


Didi you miss something ? Thanks to the TimeShift  function of Beesy, you can easily go back to a key moment of your meetings. It's a real timeshifting tool for professional meetings. By simply pressing the "Save" button, Beesy have already pre-recorded the previous 2 minutes. So really, you will not miss anything.



Beesy benefits from high resolution because it is 100% compatible with Retina. By providing greater comfort and readability ratings, Beesy allow you to easily follow the thread of your notes in a meeting.



What's new in the 1.30 version  ?

Below are what's new in the version 1.30, also a fully HD app for the new iPad :

  • add audio records to your notes
  • import photo and take picture in your notes
  • EverNote export / update for notes, including audio, pictures, drawings, maps and web pages.
  • Evernote sharing for your notes
  • Reorder notes items and Topics
  • Outlook 2007 meeting minutes compatibility
  • Fullscreen mode for draw, map, web and photo
  • Ability to hide default goal
  • improved overall performance
  • improved stability + minor issues fix
  • improved French translation completion.


Where to get Beesy ?

Beesy is available now on App Store. It supports the languages English, French and Spanish and is only compatible with the iPad currently. You must have iOS 4.3 or later.

An iPhone version will be available soon regarding to the developer.


Who is BeesApps ?

BeesApps, start-up française basée à Paris, est une société de développement de solutions de productivité personnelle en entreprise. Fondé en 2011, BeesApps a démarré il y a presque un an sur le développement de l’application Beesy, App de prise de notes intelligente automatisant la gestion de tâches, le suivi d’équipes et de projets. L’ambition de BeesApps est d’aider les cadres de l’entreprise à gagner du temps au quotidien grâce à leur iPad.

BeesApps, a French start-up based in Paris, is a software development company in personal productivity solutions for the professional. Founded in 2011, BeesApps started almost a year ago on the development of the application Beesy, an intelligent note-taking App automating management of tasks, teams and projects follow-up. BeesApps's ambition is to help company managers to save time every day through their iPad.

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